Baby West African Sideneck Turtles

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African Side Neck Turtle (Pelusious castaneus)

African Side Neck Turtles are gaining in popularity among turtle enthusiasts as people learn more about these wonderful creatures. They are very hardy with an active and curious personality. At first, your African Side Neck Turtle might be shy, but they will come around and show their curious, inquisitive nature.


Your African Side Neck Turtle will need a place to swim and bask, especially among a group. Female adults will reach 9 to 12 inches in size within 5 to 6 years. African Side Neck Turtles love our turtle foods. They also enjoy eating fish, crayfish and worms. If you have any questions about setting up the perfect habitat or feeding your beautiful African Side Neck Turtle, ask one of our experts at – we are always happy to help!

To see the turtle food we recommend feeding African Side Neck turtles check out the Food Options below.

Attention Please Read. Turtles & Tortoises are part of the reptile family. Being reptiles they cannot produce body heat and must rely on getting warm from another source. We offer heat packs that stay warm for up to 40 hours, by using a heat pack or two you are assuring that your new turtle or tortoise will stay comfortable and warm during the shipping period. Also please keep in mind that your turtle my end up sitting on an airport tarmac for hours waiting to be loaded onto the plane and that can be ruff on a reptile in a cold city. Heat Packs cost only $1.98 each and can be added to your turtles below.

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